• 68,25 € In Stock

    Wooden candles, made with traditional methods by an art woodturner. Sold per 2. Delivered with the little candle. Choice of colours and decors.

    68,25 €
  • 43,60 € In Stock

    Handcrafted mugs sold per 2 with spoons in option. Compose a personalized set by choosing your colours.

    43,60 €
  • 52,13 € In Stock

    Blue handcrafted raku box. Interior decoration. Handmade in France.

    52,13 €
  • 27,50 € In Stock

    Oil or vinegar cruet handmade in glazed clay. Varied selection of colours. Sold per unit.

    27,50 €
  • 37,91 € In Stock

    Planter or flowerpot, with plain colour. Artisanal product fully handmade, offered in 6 sizes and 5 colours : choose one composition to your taste. Price according to the size. -10% as from 2 pots of Amande's collection.

    37,91 €
  • 270,14 € In Stock

    Raku statuette of 3 black women. Handicratf from France.

    270,14 €
  • 121,65 € 130,81 € -7% In Stock

    Craft gift box including 1 teapot and 2 matched cups. Available in turquoise, green or blue.

    121,65 € 130,81 € -7%
    Reduced price!
  • 37,91 € In Stock

    Picks for aperitif with stone deco, handmade in France. Sold per unit (1 display and 6 picks). Choice of support pebble.

    37,91 €
  • 18,01 € In Stock

    Handcrafted cup in glazed clay, Made in France. 3 offered colours, and saucer in option. Sold per unit.

    18,01 €
  • 10,43 € In Stock

    Bowl for the breakfast or the aperitif. Choose one size and one colour. Bowl sold per unit. -10% as from 4 bowls ordered.

    10,43 €
  • 50,00 € In Stock

    Coffee cups in ceramic sold per 4. Handcrafted tableware. Handmade in France. Colours to choose.

    50,00 €
  • 29,38 € In Stock

    Very original pot for plants and flowers, handmade in black grey with chamotte. Made in France. Many available sizes and colours (to choose). Price according to the size. -10% as from 2 pots of Amande's collection.

    29,38 €
  • 52,89 € 58,77 € -10% In Stock

    Assortment 1 platter + 3 small bowls handmade in ceramic. Choose one unique colour, or diversify the set to your taste (option to specify). Price in function of the bowls size.

    52,89 € 58,77 € -10%
    Reduced price!
  • 46,67 € In Stock

    Pack of 2 plates in ceramic to compose according to your taste. Choose the size and the colour of each of them. On order only.

    46,67 €
  • 94,79 € In Stock

    Craft teapot in glazed pottery. Handcrafted ceramic for tea tasting.

    94,79 €
  • 37,92 € In Stock

    Ceramic bird house, handmade. Offered in 3 sizes and in 5 colours (to choose in options). Price according to the number of floors.

    37,92 €
  • 16,11 € In Stock

    Little enamelled cups in ceramic, sold by 3. 5 colours at choice. Handcrafted in black sandstone with chamotte. -10% as from 2 sets ordered.

    16,11 €
  • 28,44 € In Stock

    Handmade birdhouse, in enamelled black clay with chamotte, hammered patterns. Product of arts and crafts, offered in 3 sizes and in 5 colours (to choose). Price according to the number of floors. Sold per unit.

    28,44 €
  • 37,91 € In Stock

    Hanging planter, plain color. Choice of the size and the color. Price according to the diameter. -10% as from 2 pots of Amande's collection.

    37,91 €
  • 39,81 € In Stock

    Raku coffee set handmade by an art craftsman from France. Sold per 4, without teaspoons. Choice of colours.

    39,81 €
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    Delivery at home, at work or in pick-up location, worldwide.

  • Client service

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any general question or for particular demands. All pieces being handmade, craftsmen can personalize a few creations according to your wishs.

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French craftwork 100% handmade

Online sale of handcrafted goods Made in France. Craft pottery, raku, hand-turned wooden pieces, single works, for the pleasure of giving or for yourself, prioritising arts and crafts and sustainable development.

All pieces have been moulded carefully, with patience and love of art. Selected craftsmen are professional potters, ceramists, wood tuners with renowned expertise. Arti-Spirit is devoted to propose a new broadcast channel to talented artists, and to make French craftsmanship accessible to all.

Online artcraft - Made in France

Online artcraft - Made in France

Online sale of craft ceramics and wood products

"I uncover nuggets on markets and in craftsmen' workshops. I want to honour the manual work and the know-how of craftsmen devoted to their art, with human values. Moreover, these quality handcrafted products are good for the environment and the sustainable development : they really fall within a committed action."

Arti-Spirit is a gateway between you and art craftsmen. Art of table, interior decoration, garden decoration, accessories for the kitchen, the home, and everyday life. Enjoy yourself or offer a handcrafted gift, while promoting craftsmanship and Art Crafts.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to do a personalized gift : most of craftsmen can modulate their creations according to your wishes.

Laurence. Arti-Spirit

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Chantal A.
Travail superbe,les couleurs magnifiques.De l art pour toutes les bourses, pour cela un grand merci .Je reviendrai vers vous.P.S glisser le nom de l artiste et expliquer la technique du Raku avec les commandes seraient très bien.Bravo et merci à toutes et à tous.

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