Handcrafted art of table :

  • tea set : tea pot, tea cup, tea box with many shapes and colours,

  • varied range of coffee cups, bowls, glasses, mugs for breakfast, tea party and coffee,

  • cups, dishes, ramekins or hors d’œuvre dishes for appetizer, starters or dessert,

  • square, round, rectangular plate, serving dish, trivet, salad bowl,

  • kitchen accessories : oil cruets, eggcups, carafes, mustard pots ...

All pieces are handmade by crafstmen from France, with natural materials, and will be as useful as decorative. Each pottery or wooden piece is unique, as a result of an artisanal making, what does its value and originality.

A lot of craft gift ideas, to offer or to enjoy yourself.


Art of table 


  • Around tea

    Handcrafted tea service in ceramic (raku, sandstone, earthenware) : tea pot, tea cup, bowl, mug, glass, find here all accessories for your breakfast or tea party, and also tea boxes. Wonderful French potteries, 100% handmade by craftsmen with recognized know-how.

    For offering or for yourself, these unique pieces will be also a genuine table decoration. Many colours are available for most of creations.


  • Cups - Glasses

    Range of coffee cups, glasses, mugs for an original and colorful table decoration. All potteries are handmade by craftsmen, in ceramic poterie (earthenware, raku and sandstone). Make a unique coffee set or table set, for breakfast, tea party or the end of the meal.

    Quality handcrafted products, lastings, all made by traditional methods in France and offered in various colours.


  • Parties

    Handcrafted art of table  : bowls, cups, mugs, ramekins, pickle dishes, dishes in ceramic, raku and earthenware : compose one original table set or aperitif set, give colour to your starters and desserts.

    Each piece is craft shaped by hand, in workshops of our creating craftsmen. They are turned, baked, enamelled and designed with talent and know-how. Some very nice creations from arts and crafts, made in France, with carefully finishing, and offered in many colours.

    For offering or decorating your table, these pieces will be also both useful and decorative. They may be too a pot-pourri, a tidy ...


  • Mugs

    Handcrafted ceramic mugs Made in France.

    For an atypical, colourful, unique table decoration, find online the handcrafted tableware of your choice : sandstone mugs, raku mugs or in glazed clay ... Many colours are proposed by the art craftsmen.

  • Dishes - Trivets

    Serving dish, trivet, salad bowl, fruit plate for serving at the table or in object of inside decoration. All our pieces are craft handmade, in craftsmen's workshops : some handcrafted made in France, according to a traditional know-how in ceramics and raku.

    A few creations are offered in many colours of enamel, to be choosen in data sheets.


  • Utensils

    Kitchen utensils handmade by craftsmen, with natural materials.

    Beautiful kitchen accessories in ceramic, in earthenware, in clay, in raku and in wood, with a very nature style or bright colours. Each piece is crafted handturned, and decorated with great care by ceramist potters and woodturners. For an unique, suistainable and quality table decoration, choose the colour of your oil cruet, vinegar cruet, jug, salt shaker, sugar bowl ...

  • Plates - Small plates

    Ceramic tableware in a nature or modern style. Genuine arts and crafts from France, fully handmade by art ceramists.

    Create a quality and unique table decoration, with plates, cups for aperitif, small dishes, fruit platter, cream cups, turned, decorated and enamelled in craftsmen's workshops.


  • Salad bowls - Bowls

    Salad bowls and bowls handmade in clay, sandstone or wood by craftsmen from France. Serve your starters, salads or desserts in a quality pottery tableware with natural materials, in wooden platters with warm colours.

    Bring colour and originality in your kitchen with this rustic, elegant or design art of table. Potters and wood turners offer you table sets in all styles. Several enamel colours available, for all tastes.