Handcrafted products for the inside decoration or the garden deco : nice photophores for creating a warm ambiance, incense holders to perfume your interior, jewellery box or spices box, vase and bud vase for your flowers, very original plant pots for inside and outside, or also unique bird houses for your garden. You have a large choice of colours for a personalized decoration to your taste.

All our pieces are handmade, by creating craftsmen who put all their passion, their know-how and their inspirations in their work. Genuine products of handicraft from France.




  • Vases and pots

    For a unique interior decoration or garden deco, Arti-Spirit selected very nice red vases in clay, wonderful original planters, to hang or to put, available in many colours, wooden vases, beautiful cacti pots.

    All these craft creations are shaped by hand with natural materials : genuine products from the French handicrafts, good for the environment and for the suitainable development.

    Decoration objects for your flowers and plants, unique and rare, handmade by craftsmen passionate by their work.


  • Garden

    Hanged pots, flowerpots, planters, plant pots or also bird houses, discover all our handcrafted products for the outside decoration (garden, patio, terrace or balcony). 

    Add colour and originality around you with these craft creations, fully handmade by our craftsmen, Made in France.

    You will appreciate natural materials, bright colours and nature spirit of these artistic handicraft's objects.


  • Zen ambiance

    Accessories for creating a soft and warm atmosphere : photophores for your candles, incense holders, bud vases for your flowers. Handcrafted products for decorating and perfuming your house, your terrace or your garden, in the respect of the environment with natural materials (clay, wood).

    Original gift ideas for the decoration ! Creations from French craftsmanship.


  • Boxes

    Handcrafted boxes in raku, ceramic and wood. Enjoy a craft quality product, turned, designed and fired according to a traditional know-how of potters, ceramists and woodturners. 

    These nice boxes, with varied sizes and shapes, will can be used for the conservation of tea and spices, or as decoratives boxes. You can also use them as cotton box or jewellery box, or simply as object of interior decoration.

    All these creations are handmade by craftsmen from France, often offered in many colors, and will have a unique style. Finishings are carefully worked and are personalized with the touch of each craftsman.


  • Unclassables

    Selection of decorative objects for your interior, all handmade with traditional methods in craftsmen's workshops. Arti-Spirit honours the Métiers d'Art from France and presents creators passionate about their art, with human values.

    Atypical decorative objects, for all rooms of the house, which enliven your place. Personalize your interior or give a rare gift with original and quality handcrafted creations.