Gift ideas for women and men, accessories for everyday life, in wood and stone. Very nice handcrafted creations, hand-turned by a craftsman.

A talented stone and wood turner proposes you a whole range of objects for writing (pen, paper cutter, pot), beauty accessories (razor, perfume spray), and even sewing material. A few single pieces are in precious wood and rare stone.




  • Pens and pot

    Wonderful pens in wood and stone, pencil holders, paper knifes, handmade by professional woodturners. Many types of wood and clips available, to be made up to suit your taste.

    Unique pieces, customizable or luxury pens, take advantage of this range to do an original and quality gift, and to promote a genuine artistic work.


  • Daily

    Accessories for bathroom, house and everyday life, original craft gift ideas, nice products handmade in France : ashtray, soap bottle, toothbrush glass, cigar sleeve, seam ripper, plate warmer candle ...

    Arti-Spirit's craftsmen propose you various craft objects, achieved with talent and know-how. With wood or ceramic, produced according to traditional methods, all these creations are committed for the environment and sustainable development.


  • Beauty

    A craftsman sculpts wood and stone with talent to accomplish amazing beauty accessories : razor luxury pack for men, perfume spray and jewel pen for women.

    Woodturning is a genuine art work, requiring a real craft know-how gained with years of experience. The skill of these techniques and the artistic instinct of the craftsman allow these superb quality creations, with an exceptional finishing.