Sculptures in raku, figurines in ceramic, unique artistic creations to sublimate your interior. These achievements are the result of a long work and a know-how acquired over the years by our craftsmen. The passion of their craft is source of inspiration.

Let yourself be enchanted by these works of art for a unique interior decoration !




  • Figurines

    Beautiful figurines in black clay and red enamel, statuettes of women in raku, artistic creations of craftsmen from France. With African influence or charmed by femininity and sensuality, artists give free rein to their imagination and inspirations.

    Choose the single part which delights you !


  • Sculptures

    Sublimate your interior with a unique work, original, in raku, in terracotta or in wood. With mythological or literary inspirations, often these sculptures suggest feminity and beauty.

    Artists give free rein to their imagination and implement all their talent and know-how to satisfy their creation dreams.


  • Paintings