Craftsmen from France

Arti-Spirit craftsmen

All craftsmen are professionals, practicing a métier d’art with know-how. They are selected according to criteria of quality, aestheticism, and professionalism. All products proposed on the web site are handmade in France, needing several work hours.


A web site on a human scale

Arti-Spirit is a web site with human values. I go out to meet each craftsman in its workshop, and I take pictures of pieces placed online. I have a privileged relationship with each of them. I highlight their work and respect their production constraints and their conditions. I can then offer you a personalized commercial follow-up, with precise answers on products, verified with creators. Arti-Spirit is a bridge between genuine craftsmen and you. It is not a market place where everybody can sell his creations. There is no warehouse, no forklift, no open space full of computers. Just a desire to promote French handicraft and the manual labour of passionate creators, a commitment to the sustainable development and the environment preservation.

The preparation of your order at Arti-Spirit :

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Will be products conform to pictures ?

All pieces being handcrafted, they may differ from pics, especially with regard to veins of wood, raku cracks, decors realized free hand. But pieces will be very similar to pictures, and you will then have the pleasure of discovery. All Arti-Spirit craftsmen being passionate by their art, all pieces are achieved with care and will be of quality. This manual and craft manufacturing allows you by the way to ask a products personalization. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a special desire !


Delivery times

Your orders can be quickly shipped. But a few craftsmen offering many colours and sizes, all their pieces are not always in stock and will need a manufacturing delay. You will be informed if your order is not available and I will propose you a replacement colour or a refund if you don’t want to wait.


A special care is paid to products protection for the transport. Then no nice box, but a lot of bubble wrap !


Payments are secured and the web site disposes of a SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer), which guarantees exchanges and data transiting by the web site.