Craftsmen of Arti-Spirit

  • Amande, céramiste

    Amande has always been passionate by the pottery work. In 2011, she created her own range, focused on nature and plants. She is now shared between her personnal creative activity and the Atelier d'Art de France, which works for the rise of the craftsmanship and for the mutualisation of the know-how.

    ball of clay with chamotte  arts and crafts  reel

  • Bernard, tourneur sur bois

    Bernard, inspired by his carpenter father, learns woodturning after a turn of his life. He chooses this way understandably, attracted by this living matter and transfixed by the magic of the transformation that it suffers while the work. He opens his workshop and his show room in 2009.

    He loves to create unique artistic pieces for the decoration, and proposes in parallel a various range of objects for the table and the everyday life.


    woodturning  art wood turner  wood

  • Catherine, faïencière

    Catherine works ceramics since nearly 30 years and remains always passionate. As she says : "I can not get enough !". After having worked sandstone, she turned to earthenware, a clay that she finds much more «friendly » and that allows her to test "all what she wants without surprises at the opening of the oven!".

    At the present time, the tableware drives her attention. She favours objects that she likes to use in daily life : cups, bowls, salad bowls, platters, all what makes that "the table becomes cheerful and source of pleasure !".



  • Christine, céramiste

    Christine created her workshop in 1997. She develops her know-how and her artistic side a few years, and then specializes in raku while more than 10 years, allowing her to express her mythological inspiration. She devotes now glazed clay. 

    craft pottery  art craft of ceramics  manuel turning  raku

  • Claude, artisan du bois

    Pensioner since 2012, Claude can finally pursue his lifelong passion : the crafts of the wood. After several years accomplishing various objects for himself and for his acquaintances, he begins in business for himself and opens his little workshop.

  • Coline, faïencière

    Art ceramist, Coline draws her inspiration from the lights of the South of France. She explores the various techniques related to ceramics, but above all, she loves the sensual side of the earthenware and the game of transparency of bright colours possible with a firing at 1000°C.

    Faire la tête de boeuf  Travail de la terre  Décor de la faïence

  • Faustine, céramiste

    Faustine is a young talented artist inspired by ancient disappeared civilizations. The raw aspect of the clay allows her to express her nature, tribal and ethnic parts. She wants to give significance to everyday objects which surround her.

    Holder of the title "Ceramist" level III at the House of the ceramics at Dieulefit (Drôme - France) and silver medal at the regional competition "One of the best apprentices of France 2013 in decoration on ceramic", Faustine works with passion : she needs that "her hands listen her" to enter into communion with the pottery and to achieve her creations.

    tournage manuel  poterie artisanale  artisanat  décoration sur céramique

  • Gérard, sculpteur céramiste

    From an early age, Gérard makes drawing, painting, watercolours. Gallerist while a few years, he devotes himself to sculpture at around 45, then to ceramics. He exposes his own works to the public. His success allows him to focus entirely to his art.

    Since, he doesn't stop to work modeling pottery. He works on order decorative objects (tables, mirrors, tableau) and launch his range around ceramic fishes. Each piece is an original, single work.

    sculptor ceramic firing ceramic plates

  • Gérard, tourneur sur bois

    Gérard has always been passionate by the wood. After being naval fire officer, landscaper and gardener, he has devoted himself since more than 10 years to a craft activity and has acquired an unique know-how recognised in France. He realises also rare works in stone and other noble materials, that he exports in all the world. He has chosen a selection of creations for Arti-Spirit.

    wood work  wood plaice  wood turning

  • Ignota, faïencière

    Ignota has studied at the Academy of Arts of Vilnius in Lithuania, then at the Métiers d'Art at Paris. Installed in France since 7 years, her works have been many times awarded at international competitions of ceramics.

    She works simultaneously known techniques (sculpting, tiles, coils), and personal ones, developed during her artistic career. She offers nowadays a refined and modern range of products.

    coils of clay  ceramic decor  ceramist  french handicrafts

  • Isabelle, faïencière

    After studying plastic arts, Isabelle obtained a few years later two degrees in ceramics : one in turning and one in decoration on ceramic.

    Her creations roots are coming from the Provence (South of France), where pottery is culturally present from the outset.

    She works mainly the white earthenware for its radiance and its purity and the black earthenware more raw, and more soft too. She draws from nature, water and trees for their force and their diversity. Close to this nature, she must form part as far as possible of an ecological approach for reducing and upgrading wastes (dried clay, enamel ...).

    Ceramic turning  earthenware handmade in france  Craftsman from France

  • Keiko, couturière cuir

    Confirmed artist from the outset, Keiko moved to France in 1998, with her dilpoma of pattern-making school from Tokyo obtained 6 years earlier. She begins then in Japan as stylist, and arrives in France with her know-how, her hardworking, and  marked with Japanese culture.

    Keiko took up painting, drawing, works many years as modelmaker designer in a French leatherwork entreprise, then finally starts her own range.

    leather dressmaker  Leather from France  Leatherwork

  • Laure Anne, céramiste

    Laure Anne has reconverted 15 years ago to ceramics, after having attended a course in turning. She begins with glazed clay, then creates her range in sandstone. She finds her own style, with nice enamel colours and a decoration with graffito, some pieces requiring a well-kept work.

    sgraffito  craft ceramics  ceramic firing  ceramic turning

  • Magali, sculptrice

    Magali has always been passionate about plastic arts and she discovers terra cotta working in 2003. This is a revelation which throws her in one course, the purchase of one oven and one move for satisfying her desire of artistic creation. She specializes in the raku firing and learns various techniques of enamelling for realizing her sculptures which she shows now at exhibitions on ceramics.

    Figurines raku  Raku  Raku

  • Paul, céramiste

    Potter from father to son since three generations, Paul inherited his passion and know-how of ceramics art. He practices since he was 14 years old and gives now a new lease to his production. 40 years of experience and work lead him today to a modern, stylish and refined art of table, in glazed clay.

    hand-turning  craft pottery  Crafts

  • Séverine, raku

    After a learning at the school of the Beaux Arts and Ceramics, Séverine specialises in raku and opens her workshop in 2008.

    Inspired by primitive potteries of various cultures, she finds her way in the creation of pieces as traditional than contemporary, playing with colours and surfaces contrasts. Séverine proposes very nice potteries for everyday life, with careful finishings. She will able to adapt and personalize her pieces according to your wish.


    art ceramics  craft pottery  raku firing

  • Stéphane, céramiste

    Stéphane has firstly been landscaper, then has worked in art reproduction. It is quite naturally that he combines pottery work and his artistic side to become ceramist.

    He finds his style and specialises in cracked pottery, giving a raw and very nature aspect to his creations.

    Manual turning  French arts and crafts  French ceramist

  • Stéphanie, artisane de la pierre

    Stéphanie is an art craftswoman specialized in the stone's work since 2007. Her approach has been inspired by her need of oneness with nature and her will to create objects sustainable over time.

    She created her own technique of stones' drilling. She selects herself her pebbles (Durance's stones and Cassis' stones) according to their cachet and their shape for an optimal ergonomics. 

    art of table with pebble  stones work  natural stones

  • Valérie, céramiste

    Passionate by dirt and pottery since her childhood, Valérie realises finally her dream and expresses her sensibility since 15 years with her handcrafted creations in black earthenware and red enamel. Her pleasure of shaping, moulding, smoothing, decorating and firing the pottery brings her to exploit various techniques of ceramics (turning, tiles, stamping, coilings) and to pursue the achievement of her pieces always further.

    manual turning  arts and crafts of ceramics  handicrafts  craft  ceramics

  • Véronique, faïencière

    After a diverse career and a reassessment 3 years ago, Véronique wants to discover her life's purpose. The potter's adventure came about as a result of a passion she wanted to do a career of it.

    She has been fascinated by clay work since childhood, and achieve a diploma of turning and one of decoration to become art craftsman.

    Véronique finally opens her workshop !

  • Yves, sculpteur

    Complete artist, Yves is a genuine designer with gold hands. First sculptor on marble, bronze and wrought iron, he has devoted in the past few years to works in raku. He satisfies all his dreams of creation, being alternately blacksmith, founder, potter, cutter ...